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We at Phoenix Services (NSW) guarantee you a personalised quality service, presented by a well-trained professional team with our main focus on client satisfaction.

Cleaning Programs

A balanced program is developed with the cleaning supervisor, cleaners and the property management. Including inductions, PPE (safety), hygiene and etiquette knowledge.


Phoenix customers benefit from experienced and trained Supervisors. At least one Supervisor is assigned to each site. The provision of management of materials, method and people, is a major part of our efficient and thorough operation.


Quality . Service . Satisfaction

Value & High Industry Standards

Phoenix Cleaning is committed to reducing cleaning costs for clients through use of latest equipment, high quality chemicals and training.

Safety, Risk Management & KPI Inspection Sheets

Progression big corporations have long used Key Performance Indicators to evaluate the continued supply of an acceptable service. Phoenix use an exclusive reporting system based on WH&S & KPI strategies, making the supply of a quality service guaranteed using preventative and regulatory measures.

Phoenix provides quality cleaning in accordance with the customer's specified requirements. Our aim is to deliver this standard and service with the highest degree of excellence possible.

Our Company further recognises that is order to maintain customer satisfaction, it must conform to our customer expectations and completely fulfill its obligations in accordance with the specifications.

Quality is an integral part of all work performed and all employees are required to comply with the policy of the company and conform to the requirements of the quality systems.

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