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Our experienced team provides high-quality hotel cleaning to ensure that the guest’s impression of the property adds to their experience. A perfect hygiene and presentation is invaluable. Using our tested methodologies, we ensure that hygiene, presentation and attention to detail are at the heart of what we do to make your guests love their stay. Our clients trust us to make sure that their guests have a great holiday, and we do everything in our power to provide the best hotel cleaning services throughout new south wales.

To control the spread of covid-19, other viruses and bacteria, Developed in collaboration with industry, the guidelines assist businesses to prepare to safely resume operations in accordance with the easing of restrictions and build confidence in the community that it is safe to eat, dine and stay out. Hotels, Motels, Cafes, restaurants and other facilities need to:

  • Create a plan for their business that considers these guidelines as well as guidance from WorkSafe NSW

  • Deep clean the premises before re-opening;

  • Set up the venue to ensure physical distancing requirements of one person per four square metres are met and place tables so that any diners on a neighbouring table remain 1.5 metres apart when seated;

  • Display hygiene, physical distancing and wayfinding signage to emphasise to staff and patrons the expectation on all of us to stay safe;

  • Encourage all staff and managers to complete the Victorian Government online coronavirus (COVID-19) training, including ensuring at least one staff member at the venue has completed the training; and

  • Maintain a contact register of all visitors to the venue (first name, telephone number, date and time of visit) including patrons, suppliers, maintenance workers to support contact tracing and store it securely on-site for at least 28 days after the visit

With our advanced decontamination cleaning procedure, keeping your facility safe and protected for up to 30 days with one clean. Contact us now!

Housekeeping services also available. It is important to us to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and the newest technology to ensure a healthy and effective deep clean. Our friendly housekeeping staff is well-trained and makes sure your accommodations are sparkling clean. When working with us, you’ll be assigned a member of our customer service to be your direct point of contact. Furthermore, we provide regular information on how many hours and what our cleaners worked and what cleaning services are scheduled.


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